We welcomed each other by playing an individual game, ‘hammer-hammer’ and a group game, ‘Samson, Delilah, Lion’. This event garnered 12- ISCFers from Tandang Sora Nat’l HS, Philippine Science HS, Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) HS, Quezon City HS, Batasan Hills Nat’l HS and UP Integrated School with 8 staff and 5 counselors a total of 25 participants. After the GTKY, we proceeded to talk about Integral Mission prepared by Ate Rachel. First she asked about what are the current problems here on earth, some answered poverty, other says about the war going on in Paris and many more. What is Integral Mission? The words integral, integrate, and integrity share a common root which means wholeness. Nothing is missing, nothing is left out. It means something that cannot be divided or broken. All the vital components are working together harmoniously.

We listened to the song “Buhay Kristyano” by Butch Charvet which he said that the Christian life is not just by singing ‘Hallelujah’, we have to act it. Though our intercession is a right thing but we also have to make it happen. Ate Rachel, divided us into groups and let us make a drawing about what the song is about, the first group drew about politics, the other group illustrated an equation of how a helping hand and our prayers should work and the last group pictured out the verse 2 Cor. 5:17, that our renewed life must lead to saying no the practice of the world. Ate Rachel also talked about the Great Commission, the Great Commandment and the Great Omission. She introduced us the father of modern mission, William Carey, who brought a great help to the Indian people. We all responded by singing We Are by Kari Jobe.

In preparation for our activity, a short exposure in an orphanage, Gentle Hands, we are divided into two groups. When we arrived in the destination, we are excited to see how different types of children are cared. The first group involved by playing with the children and the other group cared for little infants. After the short but a very happy time with the children, some reflected that they we’re really blessed with what the foundation is letting the children feel, a happy and family-centered place, some was inspired to finish school and want to help them and others realized that they must be contented with what they have.

James L. Reyes (PUP)

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