Can true love really waits???

In this generation, are they still believe in True Love? About how many percent of them believe on it? Many misunderstood of what love is. Some of them said that it is just a feeling/emotion and a subject of change. That’s why many marriages broken at this time. Even Elementary students already have a relationship to their opposite sexes (BF/GF). High School students got bullied if they don’t have boyfriend/girlfriend. College students prioritized their BF/GF rather than their studies. Saying “I love you” to anybody without sincerity.  That’s why early marriages exist and more dreams destroyed because many committed pre-marital sex and the girl got pregnant.

Why does this happen?  Is it because of having less priority of giving Sex Education? Is it because they didn’t know about the Truth? About of what God’s purpose of giving relationship with the opposite sex. Or they knew it already but they were tempted and grab it? Or perhaps, they are greatly influence by media and change their perspective? Whatever the reasons behind, we must always remember the Truth from the beginning. That God created Eve (woman), His finest creation for Adam (man) as His covenant to him and God blessed a marriage for the first time. And God created sex as a gift to be enjoyed by the couple whom God blessed through a marriage only. Not with a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend and that’s the reason why the word pre-marital sex exist.  Although, it seems to be normal this time because many are doing it, but the standard of God in purity did not change, it’s still a big sin. God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He is loving and a God of second chances. That’s why Jesus Christ died to save us from our sin. (John 3:16) We just believe, ask forgiveness and never do it again. God is not KJ (kill joy) to stop us of what we enjoy doing. But He has its own perfect timing. If only we let Him taking control in all areas of our life even in our love life. God is Love (1John 4:8) and He first loves us. We just accept this love and respond unto it. We just give our pen to God and let Him write our love story. (“When God writes our love story” by  Eric & Leslie Ludy). God loves to design a perfect couple even there’s no such perfect in this world. But one thing is for sure, God prepares a man/woman for all of us, our future mate. True love really exists if we are just willing to wait. The true purpose of having a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is to prepare ourselves, getting to know each other better and a stage to prepare ourselves for a marriage. My mentor once said to me, “If you want a King, be a Queen.” Which means if you want a responsible, caring, and sweet or all the good qualities that you are searching for a partner in life, first check yourself if you are like that also. And if you are worthy to have that kind of partner. Instead of being busy  searching for a desired partner, why not be busy for preparing yourself and made your life glorifying  unto God and just wait for a right time. Waiting is not only for the women, but also for all men. Wait and pray until such time that God will reveal someone to you, not until you are ready. God will make a way for sure and in how He will do it, be excited.

Many are asking, “But when is the right time?” God wants a better future for all of us. In elementary and high school years, are they ready for a responsibility of having that kind of relationship? It is just like a game for some (maybe not all). How about in college years? Do you already have your own income to treat your BF/GF for a date or for a gift during his/her birthday, for your monthsary, anniversary, a Christmas present or even Valentines Day? It is come from your allowance right? That your parents gave to you for your studies. And some failed their subjects or has a low grades because study is less priority than their BF/GF. How about your parents working very hard everyday just to give your allowance? (Maybe not all but mostly) What I am saying is, it is not the right time to have this kind of relationship. It is okay to have “crushes” and the feelings that we feel the moment we see them, is not love. It is just an infatuation or admiration. By the way, some says that love is on the air? Or let me say that love is everywhere. Because we can love our family, relatives, friends, classmates, workmates, our neighbors or even all people because that is what Jesus told us to do so. You can say that it is another kind of love, and yeah it is. The love for your partner now or partner to be is different that something that you can’t explain. A love that you can give-up everything for that person, you want to see him/her everyday because you will miss him/her easily. You want to do anything to make him/her happy, etc. Etc. But is it the same love you feel until you reach 30 years of marriage? Or let me say, is this kind of love will last forever? Possible! Because we still see old couples which is 30-50 years married are still sweet, caring and loving to each other. How did they do that? Simply, they chose to love each other even in the times of difficulties, differences in attitudes and even in the times that they are unlovable. So, love is not just mere feelings/emotions, it is a matter of choice. You choose to love that person from the very beginning, and decided to love him/her forever, and then do it.  They stand in their vows in marriage to love each other ‘till death do us part. Isn’t it nice to have like this also someday? Isn’t it fulfilling to have a happy family with a comfortable home and you can provide all their needs and wants? How about of taking more times to think about it? Your destiny is what you make it. Your choice now is what you are making with your future. Just do your best and let God do the rest. Think and pray. God bless you! 🙂


cjane ^_^

God’s beloved


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